About Magical Minds

When I set out to look for a childcare center for my two young boys I was disappointed in what I was finding. There wasn’t a center that had everything that I was looking for. Some centers that I looked at were great but their prices were more than I could afford on a teacher’s salary. Other centers in the area were nice but the educational aspect wasn’t there. I decided that I wanted it all for my children and I wanted that for my friends and family as well, because of that Magical Minds Childcare and Learning Center was born.

Magical Minds Childcare and Learning Center is an exceptional early childhood program that combines learning and play in a fun educational atmosphere.

Magical Minds – Stillwater is located conveniently on Hwy 5 near the Stillwater Marketplace. Our center serves families in the Stillwater and surrounding cities with children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age. With 5 age divided classrooms, we insure your child is learning in a developmentally appropriate environment. Each room is warm and welcoming with many different learning centers to explore each day. We have highly educated and amazing teachers who love to engage with children, help them learn and revel in their play.

About the owner

The owner of Magical Minds Childcare and Learning Center, Christi Petta, is a licensed K-6 Elementary Teacher. She graduated from the University of California; San Bernardino in 2005 with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education. As a mother of two young boys, a teacher and a business owner, Christi has combined her love for family, her connection with children and her interest in education to create Magical Minds Childcare and Learning Center.