Toddler Program 1

Toddlers: There’s no doubt that they’re a bundle of energy. But, at Magical Minds we welcome that energy and excitement because we know that it’s a natural part of growth and learning. We’ll channel that energy into:

  • • Motor Skill Development — tossing, catching, rolling, crawling, walking.
  • • Language Development — reading time and speech development
  • • Music and Movement — dancing, singing, push toys and outdoor play.
  • • Basic Concepts — helping notice and make sense of basic concepts, such as shapes and colors.
  • • Artistic Development — art and construction projects.

Magical Mind’s toddler program is all about creating experiences that are active, sensory-based and meaningful. Our teachers lead young toddlers through age-appropriate activities to improve coordination and increase verbal and problem-solving skills. Our curriculum is based on the idea that

children are naturally curious and motivated to learn. So we provide them with the materials and experiences to help them understand and communicate in ways most meaningful to them. Our teachers get to know each child, learn their interests and plan developmentally appropriate, engaging activities such as; painting, water and sand play, book exploration, manipulative play, small group experiences and large group circle times. All of these experiences pave the way for toddlers in their path towards lifelong learning.